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Siren ePCR

Medusa has over 18 years of ePCR experience working with ambulance services from across the world to replace paper-based and electronic systems. Our team works side by side with you to ensure your transition to ePCR is smooth and your ePCR objectives are fully achieved.

Medusa's goal is to provide pre-hospital ePCR systems for use across the world, gathering best practices from clinicians and the IT industry to ensure that our suite of products remains the solution of choice for forward-thinking EMS agencies.

Medusa has thousands of Siren users across the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. Customers are our partners and we are committed to continual product development and partnership working with our users to help ensure our products assist the clinician to do their job, maintains patient information security, makes accurate clinical and operational information available in real time and provides accurate and easy to manage clinical data for research or quality improvement.

The Patient Safety Company

The TPSC CloudTM software is an easy-to-use solution for improving the safety and quality in your healthcare organisation. One integrated platform for you to:

*   register data via online webforms and mobile apps;

*   automise the process for direct follow-up and status monitoring;

*   analyse data by using various analytical techniques;

*   inform the organisation via reports and dashboards;

*   scheduling, monitoring, assessing and securing your improvement actions

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